Anahata chakra *Dance of Love*

*Love is the answer to everything in life and I give and recieve Love effortlessly and unconditionally* During my Healing dance sessions I’ve found something beautiful and magical.  Before they begin with the dance I suggest to them  sit down in a comfortable position in front of a companion.  With the closed eyes the right hand is placed upon the uterus and the … Continue reading Anahata chakra *Dance of Love*


( English Bellow) El fuego , uno de los 5 elementos, que con su potencia destruye, purifica y regenera. Conectado con nuestro 3 chakra , se le llama Manipura Chakra o Plexo solar. En equilibrio nos da Dinamismo,poder,ego,autoconfianza,coraje,honor,control,expansión,capacidad de liderazgo… Cuando el fuego se vuelve  Sombra, es decir nuestro 3 chakra esta desequilibrado se manifiesta la:rabia,violencia,egoismo. … Continue reading SACRED FIRE *Manipura Chakra*FUEGO SAGRADO

The Goddess within you

Woman who laughs , cries, screams, hugs , love , roars , dreams , breaks and rebuilds, that when they speak, you listen  or when they speak  you dream…Cyclical woman, Wild woman , woman Daughter, Mother, Wife , Lover, Sister, Woman Goddess, Shakti Woman. In all these words there a part of you…changing woman…because every day … Continue reading The Goddess within you